The Aether Legend

The legend goes that it all began on a crazy guys’ weekend in 2010…

A couple of mates who worked together in oil and gas were knocking back beers at Jimmy’s place on the Gold Coast. Deep into the evening, Jimmy said those seven words that so many have said before him: “I’ve always wanted to own a bar!”

To which Dave said, “I’ve always wanted to own a brewery!”

Eyes lit up. Excitement grew. They pulled out the butcher’s paper and started scribbling all of their ideas to open a craft beer brewpub in Brisbane. Whenever they hit a dead end, they said, “Chuck that out in the aether for now, and we’ll deal with it later.”

Any other story would have ended there.

Any other two guys would’ve woken up the next morning, perhaps slightly the worse for wear, and shrugged it off as a pipe dream that they could never pull off. Another idea that faded into oblivion.

But not this story. Not these guys.

Dave, the creative, the ideas man, would never let his dream die.

Jimmy, the perfectionist, the action man, would never stop before the job was done.

Over months and years, the plans kept forming, the brew recipes kept evolving, the pieces kept falling into place, and the boys kept working. Obstacles fell in their path, but they pressed on in their labours with Herculean determination.

And then, one fateful day at the start of 2016, they signed a lease for a venue on Railway Terrace in Milton.

Halfway through the year, their custom designed brewing system arrived on their doorstep.

The following months had Jimmy and Dave working around the clock—fine-tuning equipment, ripping out all evidence of the previous tenants, building a brewpub from scratch… and of course, brewing enough ‘test batches’ of delicious craft beer to keep them hydrated during their marathon effort.

Finally, at the end of 2016, the day arrived. Six years of vision culminated in the doors swinging open, as the delights of Aether Brewing were made available to the people.

The atmosphere—a heavenly experience.

The food—fit for a king.

The beer—nectar of the gods.

And with that, the long wait for Aether Brewing was over.

 But the story doesn’t end there. Jimmy and Dave are still pursuing perfection.

 The only difference is that now you have the chance to enter the story.

 You can join the journey and discover that the rumours are true.

 You can be part of the legend that is Aether Brewing.

Get to know the Aether crew

AKA The Creative AKA The Ideas Man

I showed up in Brisbane in 2009, and I knew absolutely nobody. Jimmy and I were on the same project at work, and he took me under his wing. It didn’t take long for us to be great mates who annoyed each other endlessly.

I’ve been brewing beer since I was a kid (though I’ll admit, my dad and his friends may have assisted me in the early years). I made my own home brew kit in 2006. It started tasting good in 2009. From when we started brewing on a larger scale to when we opened Aether, I made about 193 brews, each one better than the last. They say it takes 10 000 hours to master a skill… maybe in 10 000 brews, I’ll have mastered the art of brewing!

I’m a big foodie, always looking to make and eat new kinds of food, or old kinds of food in new ways. But for me, good food is all about people—when 25 people are talking and laughing and sharing a 12-course meal around my dining table, I’m a happy man.

AKA The Perfectionist AKA The Action Man

I’ve always been interested in drinking beer. Was never interested in making it. Well, I’d had a couple of goes when I was younger… but it sucked. Then I met Dave, and I understood the science behind it a lot more, and the attention to detail it required. Suddenly it caught my interest—I’ve always chased a challenge!

 I’m a straight-down-the-line, no rubbish kind of guy. What you see is what you get. I do what I say I will. I do a good job. Then I go home and play with my dog.

 If I see something that could be better, I work on it. Good beer makes life better. So it makes sense that we’d make the best beer we can, and make as many people’s lives better as possible!

 I’m a people person. I want to get to know your name, hear your story, and tell you all about our beer.

 I always want to make sure everything’s just right, everything’s high quality, and everything’s perfect. And if it isn’t… well, I’m just not finished yet. But there’s always time to stop and have a few beers before getting back to it.

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