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Take Me Back To Your Place.

We know you can’t always make it to Milton, so we thought it’s time for us to bring the party to you. It’s time for us to get some cans and bottles of Aether Brewing into your fridge (if they make it that far).

It’s actually not the first time we’ve released packaged stock—maybe you’ve already seen some escape the brewery walls.

But you keep asking for more.

So we’re giving you more.

Of course, the first question is, “Bottles or cans?”

You know we play by our own rules… so we’ve decided to go with both.

We’re rolling out our whole core range in bottles, which we bottle by hand every week. (It’s exactly as exhausting as it sounds. But we do it for you… and for the fully sick bulging guns we’re developing.) In case you didn’t hear, four of our beers picked up recognition at the Australian International Beer Awards (silver for our Hop Skip & Jump IPA, and bronze for Event Horizon Porter, Hide & Seek Pilsner, and Boos ESB). Since we got to bring home awards for them, it’s only fair that you get to bring them home and share in the glory.

And with the help of the legends at Craft Punks Canning, every month we’re gonna cycle through different brews to put into shiny cylinders of goodness. The beers hogging the spotlight at the moment are Black As Your Heart IPA, Pit Stop Pale Ale, and Hide & Seek Pilsner, with Hop, Skip & Jump poking its head in before October hits.

As well as buying them direct from the source (which always has a special feeling to it), you’ll be able to swap your monies for some cans of the good stuff from a bunch of bars and bottle shops north of the river (including Bean, Malt Traders CBD, The Wine Emporium, Mr Chester, Scratch Bar, Brewski, Kettle & Tin, Spiros, and Fitz + Potts), south of the river (including Malt Traders South Bank, Tippler’s Tap, BOSC, and The Oxford Tap House), and a few places further afield (from Nero Dining at Broadbeach to the Yandina Hotel).

Sweet deal, right?

Now for something completely different—collabs and special batches! (Apparently, it’s become the norm for us to pump out a few new ones each month.)

Pop into the brewpub to try Kin IPA, our 2.9% full-flavour session IPA (bonus points if you do a side-by-side tasting with Hop, Skip & Jump IPA and our IIPA!), or our sweet and spicy alcoholic ginger beer.

The other day we cut up 50 pineapples (it was absolutely ridiculous… so many spikes) for a collab brew with the awesome weirdos from Netherworld, to make Nightwalker Spiced Pineapple Saison for their Monster Menagerie Beer Festival on October 7-8.

And finally, if you make your way to Beer InCider Experience on 22 & 23 September (which you definitely should), you’ll get to try a couple of sneaky special releases—Strawberries and Steam (strawberry and vanilla steam ale on nitro) and Twisted Vine (passionfruit and blood orange New England IPA). Trust us, they’re gonna be sweet—you’ll be bitter if you miss them!

Now for your chance to get to know two more of the Aether crew a little better…

Aether Brewing Staff Profiles



Position at Aether Brewing:

Bar Bitch

What do you love about your job?

The beer, the people, the beer.

Favourite Aether Brewing beer, and why?

Hop, Skip & Jump, because it’s hoppy and well-balanced.

Favourite non-Aether Brewing beer, and why?

Almanac Lavender Honey de Brettaville, because it’s something a bit different.

What are you passionate about other than beer?


Do you see yourself still working in the booze industry in 5 years’ time?

I plan on being on the other side of the bar. A LOT.

If you could pour terrible beer all over one of your co-workers with no consequences, who would you do it to, and why?

I would sacrifice myself because I believe my co-workers view me as a Christ-like figure. Also I’m not a dickhead.

*Note: When Laura wrote these, she also drew a picture of an octopus with a sword attacking a robot on roller-skates holding a beer. She was not asked to draw a picture.




Position at Aether Brewing:


What do you love about your job?

Mostly the people and beer. It’s lots of fun hanging out with mates and drinking beer (and getting paid for it!).

Favourite Aether Brewing beer, and why?

My heart is torn between Black As Your Heart Black IPA, the Drakkar Stout and the Event Horizon Porter. I’m a fan of the dark ones!

Favourite non-Aether Brewing beer, and why?

Rodenbach. Rodenbach anything. I’m a slut for Rodenbach. I heart Rodenbach.

What are you passionate about other than beer?

The environment. I’m a big ol’ Greenie 🙂

What do you love about the Brisbane beer scene?

I love the small & supportive nature. So many collabs! It’s amazing!

If you could pour terrible beer all over one of your co-workers with no consequences, who would you do it to, and why?

Legitimately anyone. I already finger all my co-workers beers so why not pour it over them!

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