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More than a brewery. More than a bar. More than a restaurant.

Enjoy the nicer things in life.

This isn’t some crowded beer hall, where the floors are sticky and you can’t hear yourself think. At Aether Brewing, everything fits together to give you the high quality experience you deserve.

 If you’re just after beer and snacks, hang around in the bar downstairs, and choose from 12 beer taps—our 6 core range beers, 3 of our seasonal beers, and 3 guest beers. (We have plenty of other drinks available as well, if that’s your thing.) Pull up a stool at one of our custom-made bar tables, admire the hanging plants and the shiny brewing tanks, and tap your foot to the music we’ve curated for your enjoyment.

We produce foods that match our beers, and beers that match our foods. That means we get to experiment with new and exciting ingredients, and you get to be a little bit classy. We love sharing our favourite dishes with you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the good life.

 Read our menu, and try not to drool too much.

 If you sneak out the back, past the waterfall and up the stairs, there’s even a spacious function room. It has its own music system, private catering packages available, and a standing capacity of 90 (but who’s counting?). Because when you party, we want you to party with us.

 Ask us about our function and catering packages.

You’re among family here.

To us, the best beer and food are only as good as the the people you share them with.

At Aether Brewing, you’re not just another customer—you’re part of the family. We know that sounds like a cliché, but it’s true here. That’s why we get to know people’s names. That’s why we make sure our drinking and dining areas are conducive to conversation. That’s why you see Dave chatting with people about the brewing process, and see Jimmy sitting down and having a drink with people.

When you come to our brewpub, you’re not just showing up for a beer. You’re catching up with the Aether crew.

 Get to know us a bit better.

Drink at the source

With beer, freshness matters. We don’t send our beer around the world. We don’t even send it around Australia—though you might occasionally see a keg around Brisbane, as we still love to share.

 But for the most part, if you want to drink our beer, you have to come and get it—fresh from the source.

 We brew it. We tap it or bottle it. You drink it. End of process.

You can be confident that our beer hasn’t been bumping around on some truck, or sitting on a shelf in a warehouse for months, or getting harmful sunlight on it. When you drink our beer at our brewpub or pick up a 6-pack to take home, you can rest assured that it hasn’t even left the building. It’s fresh, and it’s been treated with love—the way beer should be.

 If you’re around at the right time, you can watch part of the brewing and bottling process. And any other time, we’re happy to show you around, and tell you all about our ingredients and our processes. We don’t keep secrets. We just keep making great beer.

Our brewhouse is custom designed, and we put most of it together ourselves (one of the benefits of being tradies, and having plenty of tradie mates). For you brewing geeks, here are some of the specs of our system:

  • 3 vessel system (mash, lauter, kettle/whirlpool)
  • 5 hectolitre
  • 6 single size fermenters
  • 3 polished copper bright beer tanks

It’s small enough for us to keep a close watch over the entire process ourselves, and big enough for us to keep pumping out plenty of the good stuff.

We love the craft beer scene in Brisbane, and want to push it even further. So we’re always striving, always pushing boundaries, and always exceeding expectations… and never compromising. We want to make sure there’s always something new for you to try when you come in.

Read about our beers. Then once you’ve done that, come and get some for yourself.

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