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The X Factor of a Great Venue

When you’re looking for the perfect venue to hang out and drink craft beer, what do you look for?

A range of excellent beers—that’s a given. Bonus points if there are reliable favourites consistently on tap, but also exciting new brews available all the time. And when a bunch of those beers are as fresh as you can get, because they were brewed in the very room that you’re drinking them, well… that’s obviously ideal.

But we all recognise that the beer itself isn’t the only thing we appreciate about a good beer experience, right?

We also enjoy a cool atmosphere, and learning more about the brewing process, and eating mind-blowing food. (And it never hurts to be spitting distance from Milton train station, and walking distance from a few other incredible watering holes.)
One of the elements of that people rarely talk about, though, is the staff. Maybe that’s because people see staff as one of the ‘unstable’ elements, that could change at any time.

But at Aether Brewing, we reckon amazing staff are the lifeblood of an awesome venue. They’re the X factor. They make up the vibe of the place.

Is it hard to get good staff? Absolutely!

But is it important to us to do everything we possibly can to have the best staff? It sure is.

There’s no science to making sure you have good people, who are the right fit for your venue, who also work well together. (Take Jimmy, for instance—he doesn’t work well with anyone!) But you can set up the right conditions for a great team of people.

Think of it like the brewing process. When you make wort (the sweet, malty water that will become beer), you can follow a fairly simple recipe. You measure the water, the malt, the temperature, the time, and be confident that it’ll turn out the way you expect. You’re in control.

But when you get to fermentation (the stage when the yeast takes over, turning the malty-hoppy water into bubbly-alcoholic beer), you don’t have that same level of control. You can get the tanks as clean as possible, set the temperature right, but every brewer knows that yeast doesn’t always play by your rules.

It’s the same with staff. We choose how to advertise for staff, and choose who to hire… but then all we can do is create a staff culture where the right people will thrive, and see what happens.

That’s why we do everything in our power to attract and keep people who are perfect for Aether.

We make having fun a priority.

We grow our staff’s knowledge and passion for all things beer. (Just last week, we took time out to talk malts, flavour profiles, and hop origins with our staff. We call it ‘staff training’, but really, chatting about beer is one of our favourite things to do!)

We value our staff as individuals.

The end result of all this? When you come in to Aether Brewing, you’ll be served by a team of bloody legends. They love beer, they know their stuff, and they treat you like you belong here.

Keen to get to know some of the Aether crew? Well, here’s a little introduction to two of them.

Aether Brewing Staff Profiles;


Harriet Hall

Position at Aether Brewing:

Functions Co-ordinator

What do you love about your job?

The people, the energy, and of course—the beer!

Favourite Aether Brewing beer, and why?

Event Horizon Porter. Chocolatey goodness—what more could a girl want?!

Favourite non-Aether Brewing beer, and why?

Black Hops Pink Mist. It’s refreshing and a different take on the classic saison.

What are you passionate about other than beer?

Dogs, plants, dogs… and did I mention dogs? Oh, and food! I like food too.

If you could pour terrible beer all over one of your co-workers with no consequences, who would you do it to, and why?

Well it would be Jimmy. He’s far too cheeky. And his facial expressions would be epic!



Position at Aether Brewing:


Favourite Aether Brewing beer, and why?

Black As Your Heart IPA—it’s amazingly balanced and delicious.

Favourite non-Aether Brewing beer, and why?

Modus Operandi’s Sonic Prayer. Modus consistently turn out excellent beers, and Sonic Prayer is one of the best IPAs around.

What are you passionate about other than beer?

My family, my sausage dawgs (Waffles and Pickles), everything food related, wine, rum (NOT Bundy), photography, snowboarding.

What do you love about the Brisbane beer scene?

The level of growth and friendly competition.

If you could pour terrible beer all over one of your co-workers with no consequences, who would you do it to, and why?

He knows who he is… (Jimmy).

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