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Take Me Back To Your Place.

We know you can’t always make it to Milton, so we thought it’s time for us to bring the party to you. It’s time for us to get some cans and bottles of Aether Brewing into your fridge (if they make it that far).

It’s actually not the first time we’ve released packaged stock—maybe you’ve already seen some escape the brewery walls.

But you keep asking for more.

So we’re giving you more.

Of course, the first question is, “Bottles or cans?”

You know we play by our own rules… so we’ve decided to go with both.

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The X Factor of a Great Venue

When you’re looking for the perfect venue to hang out and drink craft beer, what do you look for?

A range of excellent beers—that’s a given. Bonus points if there are reliable favourites consistently on tap, but also exciting new brews available all the time. And when a bunch of those beers are as fresh as you can get, because they were brewed in the very room that you’re drinking them, well… that’s obviously ideal.

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Top 5 Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and if it’s your job to organize a Christmas party this year, you are probably already stressing about what to do. Let us take some of the pressure off with these great Christmas party ideas for 2017.

Christmas Party Idea 1. Cocktail Party

If you’re not sure how you want to celebrate your 2017 Christmas party, you can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned Cocktail function. Give yourself the chance to dress up and feel special. Feast on delicious canapes and mingle over a selection of tap beers, wines and spirits.

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