The Art of Craft.

Aether is a family-owned craft brewery based in Northgate, Brisbane. Our aim to inspire creative, flavourful, connected, and fulfilling lives in our community.

We look to grow awareness and appreciation of the Australian arts community – combining its artistic talent with the inspired flair of our exceptional brew team. In doing so, we hope to enhance engagement between creatives and artists, as well as the brewing and hospitality communities.

The name Aether [pronounced ‘ee-ther’] was inspired by the classical element, also known in ancient and medieval science as quintessence or the fifth element. Aether Brewing cultivates this mysterious essence in the magic we bring to our beers, ginger beer and seltzers.

Aether Brewing is wholly-owned by Dave and Annie Ward, and backed by their amazing families. Being independent and family-owned means we have the freedom to experiment, and can cultivate a brewery and workplace – that really doesn’t feel like work. Creativity, community, authenticity, quality, and balance are the five core pillars or values that help guide us in everything that we do…


Here at Aether Brewing, creativity is what enables our personal fulfilment, but also our existence and growth as a brewery. We’re lucky enough to express ourselves by brewing and sharing our craft beers with the good folk of Australia, and beyond!

While we craft what goes on the inside of the cans, we work with Australian artists on what goes on the outside. If you, or somebody you know is an artist – take a look at our Artist Amplifier Initiative. The initiative provides a great platform to help artists get seen, share ideas, and create meaningful connections.

We embrace creativity and flair. We aim to bring excitement to what we do through the imagination of our brewers and our partners, sharing our passion with our customers by bringing them beers and experiences they don’t always expect.


This notion relates to pretty much every aspect of who we are. We invite connection, community, and a supportive atmosphere for anyone who wants to find a home at Aether Brewing. Everyone is welcome, and we encourage communication without reserve. Speak up and have fun, enjoy meaningful conversations, and make new friends. We must embody hospitality and tolerance, the key components for facilitating public fellowship. We invite people to bring their children and their own extended families to the Aether taproom. Our beers are for sharing with people we care about, in quiet moments or to celebrate important milestones.

We love our team, our supporters, and collaborators – those who engage with us and grow with us. We embrace relationships with our competing breweries as our friends. We must support each other in mutual inspiration, professional dedication, and industry solidarity; particularly in these challenging times. Wholesalers and retailers are our professional collaborators – we must support each other, and work together so that everyone wins.


Life’s too short to be full of sh*t. It leaves you feeling unfulfilled. Prior to us refining our core values this year, we didn’t feel that our brand was a true representation of ourselves. The brand was refined remnants of the days when Aether first began – a time when we didn’t plan out who we were and what would guide us into the future… we were just having a crack. Without authenticity, you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin… again, life’s too short for that. For us, this authenticity also relates to our endeavour for transparency, reliability, and honesty. We’re keen to continually evolve, and are open to feedback, so we encourage anyone who cares enough to share their insights to do so, by reaching out to us via the contact page. We appreciate you.


We remain committed to providing the good people of Australia and beyond, with consistently fresh, quality beer. The past couple of years have been incredibly tough for our industry, and we must do our best to support local. If we expect others to support us, so too, we must support local, and so we seek local ingredients and partnerships whenever possible.

Our award-winning beers are brewed right here in Queensland, and every cent we make stays right here in Australia. We prioritise research and development in everything we do, so we can improve the way we do things and thereby minimise our impact on the environment. We strive for greater efficiency and look to reduced waste in all aspects of our business.


We’re just as much about ‘balance in life’, as we are about ‘balance in beer’. Sure, we value hard work, dedication, and focus – without those you can’t sh*t done. But family, health, work, rest and play should be measured in unison. Health and well-being are more important nowadays than ever, so we believe in responsible alcohol consumption, maintaining mental health and ensuring a safe working environment. We strive to develop a brand which carefully balances the fundamental needs of our customers while progressively adapting our business to create a future of growth, innovation and creativity our community connect with, and admire.

Where to find us.

Keen to meet the team? Enjoy a pint at the taproom with mates? Or grab some takeaways to enjoy at home? We invite you to visit us at our brewery and taproom located in Northgate, Brisbane. We’d love to get to know you – and are always happy to chat with our supporters, those who are keen to learn more about craft beer, and Aether Brewing. We could talk to you for hours about how much we love beer, so don’t be shy, come say hi.

If you don’t live nearby, we’re stocked at many great retailers, and venues across the country – so check our beer finder, or ask for Aether at your local. You can also order directly from us online. We ship anywhere in Australia.

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